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What is the Larita Academy?

The Larita Academy is an immersive workshop led by some of Australia's top business entrepreneurs and sporting stars with the aim to positively impact young people's lives by igniting entrepreneurial spirit to enhance pathways to employment and assist in making positive connections with long-term impact.

What does it cost to attend?

Participation in the Larita Academy is funded through full scholarships provided by the LK Group. Participants will not be required to provide any monetary contribution to participate in the Larita Academy.

I don't have any working experience, can I still attend?

Yes! We only seek a desire to positively impact your life as a pre-requisite to join the Larita Academy. Read more about our Pledge here

I am not currently engaged with Whitelion, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you connect with Whitelion who can support your application.

What can I expect from the Larita Academy?

The Larita Academy is designed to be an immersive experience providing a combination of both hands-on activities, powerful exercises, and practical face-to-face learning sessions. Participants will engage with our coaches in intimate settings where they will not only learn practical life and employment skills, but will also gain insights into their personal journeys and motivators. A number of hands-on experiences will provide one-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see behind-the-scenes across a wide range of businesses, sporting clubs and venues.