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Dear Larita Academy class of ‘21


Anita here, giving you all a huge shout out and congratulations for everything you achieved over three wild days! I can only imagine how you felt when you rocked up on day one…you were probably thinking what the heck am I doing here and who are these people?! I want to thank you for persevering and for coming back every day. Our attendance rates were awesome (and I almost couldn’t believe it)!


A few of you have reached out about getting pics so here you are - your gallery to enjoy and remember those precious memories. Moments where you dug deep, stepped out of your comfort zone, opened up your heart and mind, got real and grew as a human. Don’t ever forget how that felt. Feel free to download these pics and use them. (The awesome Sean McDonald Photography took all these wonderful shots for us).


You’ll need those memories now more than ever as we find ourselves immediately in lockdown number 5. You’re likely to experience a bit of an emotional roller coaster…a high after the celebration dinner that will probably sustain you for a day or two (and you’ll catch up on some zzz’s) but on about day three you might hit an emotional low and feel really sh*tty about being in lockdown.


Remember that stuff I banged on about on Day one of the Academy? That Self Agency stuff? Try to reflect on that a bit. You’re going to feel like you’re not in control of your life at the moment and that life is ‘happening to you’. Try to keep yourself occupied doing things that will help you feel like you are in control. Do an online course, get moving, take a walk with your pet (if you don’t have a pet go for a walk with a friend who does!) and stay in contact with positive people who will help you keep focussed. 


I am spending lockdown talking to Larry and Whitelion about our follow up modules for you guys - we  miss you already and can’t wait to catch up in a few months for part two.


Thanks for all the beautiful feedback you gave us - looks like this won’t be the only time we run the Larita Academy thanks to our incredible class of ‘21.


Love ya guys, stay strong, stay away from a**holes and do 1% better today than you did yesterday.


Anita xo

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